Saturday, July 25, 2009

Attack on Christianity

Thou shalt not mention specific deities in public prayers.
What an outrage!!!

Unfortunately, it is a statement of fact. Actually, it is a policy that was put into action in the late months of 2008 by the Virginia Police Department restricting their chaplains from worshiping as their faith mandates. Banning them from praying in the name of God. It states that the men of Christian religion on the force can no longer use the words "Jesus" or "Christ" while praying in public venues.
The department says that they are trying to respect the rights of the different cultures, religions, and people by discarding the use of these words in prayer. Well, what about the rights of the God fearing Christian Baptists on that force. Don't they have rights too? Why are their opinions and beliefs not important?
These officials say that these new nondenominatial prayers are better because they will be inoffencive to the general public. I say that that is a pack of lies from Satan himself trying to devide this country. He always starts with the little things. We all would do well to remember that. I am offended by this policy because it violates the chaplains' First Ammendment Right: the freedom of expression.
I am also greatly offended by the fact that out of the seventeen chaplains on the Virginia Police Force, only six resigned their posts as chaplain. Only six!!! There is something seriously wrong with that picture. They are the few that were steadfast and unwilling to compromise their faith and belief system.
13-year State Trooper, Rex Carter, said of his fellow resignies, "There were several of us who felt that because of our convictions...about what the Bible says. (in the Bible it says to pray in Jesus' name) We couldn't agree to go along with the nondenominational prayer policy." This same officer said of himself, "I just felt that my faith, my Bible, and my convictions must be my guide. So I made a decision to resign from the program rather than participate in this generic prayer policy."
I commend these six individuals who are willing to stand and take up their crosses and follow the Lord.
Never compromise. Never back down. Don't sell out. Never give up. That is the attitude we should all have when it comes to these Attacks on Christianity.